Inside ‘trippy House of Sin’ linked to Kim Kardashian and Hollywood on sale for £8.4m

If you’re looking for a “trippy” escape with endless illusions and unique features then this celebrity-loved home dubbed the "House of Sin" might be for you.

The property is situated in one of Los Angeles' most iconic areas on Sunset Plaza Drive in the Hollywood Hills.The House of Sin used to be owned by photographer, Richard Franklin, who used the unique and colourful interior as a backdrop for taking snaps of celebrities and over 600 models.

Jam-packed with a stunning display of neon lights and eye-catching artwork, the location has also become a popular film site for reality TV and fashion shoots – including a visit by Kim Kardashian.Spanning across 7,500 square feet, there are five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a private outdoor pool, rooftop deck, indoor spa and a chef’s kitchen with all the amenities.Inside, the open-plan living and dining area awaits, featuring minimalistic, grey furniture that draws attention to the breathtaking view offered from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

As you look across the LA city skyline, it’s hard to believe you’re not looking at a work of art – but this all changes as you walk downstairs.

Across the ceiling and walls, an array of shaped rocks flood the area and give the illusion of stepping inside a deep cave.

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Inside ‘trippy House of Sin’ linked to Kim Kardashian and Hollywood on sale for £8.4mInside ‘trippy House of Sin’ linked to Kim Kardashian and Hollywood on sale for £8.4mInside ‘trippy House of Sin’ linked to Kim Kardashian and Hollywood on sale for £8.4m

If you look closely, some of the rocks have been carved into the illusion of a woman’s body and are highlighted through the colourful lights dotted around.

There’s also a hot tub and two private sun loungers but for more adventure, there is also a games room down the hallway.

Inside, glow-in-the-dark lights turn this room into a gamblers’ paradise and features a mini casino with a poker table and casino deck.And in a bid to shape up for those photoshoots and add an extra sense of suarve, a fully-equipped gym can also be found on the lower floor, as well as a private seating area – complete with purple velvet chairs and gold marble walls.

On the ground floor, a vacant space covered with neon lights offers the perfect backdrop for those "Insta-worthy" pictures and is decorated with outer space in mind.From galaxies and planets, to stars which shimmer in the dark sky and “trippy” distorted faces, this place isn’t for the faint hearted.

After taking in the heart-racing effects, there’s an outdoor pool awaiting on the private rooftop deck, along with a swinging egg chair which overlooks the bustling city – offering the opportunity to relaxWhile the area doesn’t see much rain, there’s a rainfall effect featured above the pool and within the spacious marble shower. Bringing modernity to 1960s psychedelics, this mansion has everything you need for a spectacular stay like no other.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Sunset Strip, shopping, restaurants and further entertainment options await for a true LA-style escape.

Listed with Josh Morrow and Brooke A. Elliott of Aaron Kirman Group at Compass, as well as being featured on TopTenRealEstateDeals.com, for £8.4 million this “eclectic” home is one you can’t miss - if you have the cash.


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