‘The Dragon’ Mansion Revealed: Inside Jae Omar’s New $22 Million Creation

For thoughtful architects, inspiration can be drawn from a wide range of sources—whether historical, cultural or natural. In the case of renowned designer Jae Omar's latest project, known as 'The Dragon,' the inspiration is mythical.

“As the property was being designed, it became clearer and clearer that this rambling residence resembled that of a dragon ready to take flight,” Omar says of the recently completed 11,400-square-foot mansion. “That striking visual drove many of the inspired design choices and narrative throughlines across the property.”

This is not the first time Omar has successfully channeled mythology into his designs. Last year, his Nordic-inspired Encino mansion Odin—named for the Norse god—sold for $18.4 million.

Located along a canyon in the Pacific Palisades, the Dragon’s perched position offers elevated views worthy of its namesake. The property stretches across nearly a third of an acre and is seated less than two miles from the ocean.

From the street, the home’s front facade is wrapped in distinct black wooden planks that have been treated with the ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, a process that involves charring the planks with an open flame to preserve the wood.

Subtly evoking dragon scales, the remainder of the exterior features sleek, overlapping metal panels that rise along the towering, slender structure.

A double-height foyer marks the first of Omar’s signature style elements, showcasing his propensity for dramatic entrances. Other calling cards of Omar’s brand are evident throughout and include courtyards framed by expansive panes of glass, plaster walls and sleek floating staircases.

“As a stark contrast to the dark and moody exterior of the home, the interiors showcase a bright and vibrant atmosphere that seems to come alive,” Omar says.

If there is one inspiration that could arguably surpass the home’s dragon essence, it would be the natural world. “I’m in constant awe of how elements in nature are so fiercely independent and yet so completely interdependent,” Omar shares on his website. “Each part not only survives within but contributes to the delicate balance of the larger picture. My entire life in design is trying to achieve that.”

Wood is ubiquitous throughout the residence, appearing in various shapes and forms. Simple yet striking, wood details extend from the walls to the cathedral ceiling. Slatted partitions add dimension to the open-concept living areas. Live-edge finishes provide texture to the otherwise clean-lined design.

Stonework continues the natural motif and includes a two-story book-matched stone waterfall observed just outside the dining room. In the main living area, across from the kitchen, an angular stone fireplace is accented by slatted marble panels.

In addition to seven en suite bedrooms, the interior holds two dining areas and two living areas. The kitchen features two islands with hidden integrated appliances. Tucked away from the kitchen area are a butler’s kitchen and walk-in pantry.

Outside, the rear of the property contains a covered patio, a sculptural stone fire pit and a swimming pool and spa, all centered by a swath of lawn.

As with many of Omar’s other designs, wellness amenities are plentiful. The lower level offers a plunge pool, a sizable space designated for fitness equipment and a sauna.

Other highlights include a wine cellar, bar and home theater.

Completed this year, the coastal residence was designed and built in collaboration with JVE Development Group.

Priced at $22 million, the listing for 1018 Chautauqua Boulevard is held by David Kramer and Andrew Buss of Hilton & Hyland and Aaron Kirman and Cindy Ambuehl of AKG/Christies.


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