The Invisible House in Joshua Tree Lists for $18 Million

Despite its tongue-in-cheek name, you’ve probably seen the iconic Invisible House in Joshua Tree before. Featured on Netflix’s The Most Amazing Vacation Rentals and visited by celebrities like Lizzo, Diplo, and Demi Lovato—not to mention countless influencers—at this point, the beloved home in the Mojave Desert is basically an Instagram celebrity in its own right (it’s even got its own page with 33,000 followers). And now, for $18 million, the one-of-a-kind property could be yours.

Designed by Tomas Osinski and its current owner, Chris Hanley, a film producer who has developed projects such as The Virgin Suicides, American Psycho, and Spring Breakers, the rectangular home’s most notable feature is without a doubt its mirror-clad exterior. It’s from this unique element that the home gets its name; reflecting the panoramic landscape around it, the house itself appears to vanish. Once inside, massive floor-to-ceiling windows further dissolve the distinction between the indoors and the outside. The unique property is cantilevered about 100 feet in the air and faces west so people inside can experience the full desert sunset.

Inside the Invisible House in Joshua Tree, a 100-foot pool spans the width of the living room, offering an undeniably extraordinary way to look out into the surrounding desert. Besides the pool, the interiors of the 5,500-square-foot home also include four bedrooms, three baths, and a 222-square-foot projection wall. “Bringing the Invisible House to market for the first time ever is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Aaron Kirman and Matt Adamo, the property’s listing agents from AKG | Christie’s International Real Estate, said in a statement.

The mirror house’s location within the largely untouched surroundings (it’s set on 90 acres of land) only make its presence that much more striking. According to the property’s website, this is the largest privately owned parcel of land bordering Joshua Tree National Park. Designed to center the environment, it’s unsurprising that many eco-friendly elements are also found throughout the home, including a foam roof and solar panels. And as the listing agents added, “This architectural triumph located in the middle of the desert provides unique intangibles that can only be experienced at the property itself.”


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The Invisible House in Joshua Tree Lists for $18 MillionThe Invisible House in Joshua Tree Lists for $18 MillionThe Invisible House in Joshua Tree Lists for $18 Million
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