Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2024

Amidst the vibrant landscape of business in 2024, today we introduce you to the 'Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2024' – a group of leaders making waves as the 'Best Business Leaders' of the year. From digital marketing to real estate to success coaching, these entrepreneurs have made their mark in their respective fields and bring diverse backgrounds to the fore.

Join us as we explore their stories, strategies, and find out why they are someone you will definitely want to keep an eye on on this exciting journey.

3. Joshua Morrow, Entrepreneur

Meet Joshua Morrow, an Estate Director of AKG | Christie's International Real Estate which is a brokerage of 180+ agents. With over $1.9 billion in team sales by 2022, Joshua's leadership has shined, helping AKG | Christie's International Real Estate to become the #1 real estate team in Los Angeles.

Hailing from Atlanta, Joshua transitioned from music to real estate, winning awards and selling dream homes. Now in Beverly Hills, he not only excels in property deals, but also advocates for issues such as homelessness, children with special needs, struggling youth, suicide prevention and supporting shelter animals.

Despite professional victories, Joshua respects his friends, considering them an integral part of his family. After experiencing temporary homelessness at age 21, he understands the value of real relationships. His dream extends far beyond real estate success; He instinctively wants to support his family and provide shelter to needy children. His hobbies include flying, traveling, and learning about different cultures and foods around the world, having visited over 50 countries.

In the symphony of Joshua's life, AKG | Christie's International Real Estate, friends and family create a harmonious chord of success, compassion and real relationships.


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