Simona Fusco

About Simona Fusco

Simona is an internationally renowned award-winning entrepreneur, sought-after media expert, and trusted advisor in both relationships and luxury real estate. With her extensive expertise, she offers a unique and personalized approach to helping clients find not only their perfect life partner but also their dream home.

With her expertise in the field of her award-winning matchmaking service Perfect 12, she has been featured on prestigious international TV networks including CNN, CBS, TLC, KCAL9, ABC, FOX News, and German TV Pro Sieben, inspiring audiences with her insightful advice. Simona’s image has been featured on billboards across the country, from the iconic Times Square to the vibrant Sunset Plaza. In addition, she has been featured in notable publications such as Forbes, Robb Report, Golf Digest, DuPont Registry, Esquire, GQ, US Weekly, New York Post, and Huffington Post. Simona’s achievements with her company Perfect 12 have earned her a Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship, presented by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Mr. Eric Garcetti. This accolade solidifies her position as a prominent business leader.

As a philanthropist, Simona founded The Maria Gruber Foundation, driven by personal tragedy and the loss of her beloved mother to cancer. The foundation’s mission is to create educational tools that support parents, children, and loved ones affected by terminal illness.

Simona’s journey as an entrepreneur, media expert, and philanthropist showcases her unwavering dedication, expertise, and compassion. Her commitment to helping others find lasting relationships and their dream homes, as well as her efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of others, make her a truly influential figure in both the matchmaking and real estate industry.

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