Commissioner Profile: Yawar Charlie

Commissioner Profile: Yawar Charlie

Where Were You Born, Grew Up, and When Did You Come to LA?

I was born in Pakistan but raised in San Francisco. Growing up, I was always surrounded by the legacy of my grandfather, Noor Mohammed Charlie, who was a pioneer in the Bollywood film industry. Following in my family’s footsteps, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Television and Film, hoping to make my mark in the entertainment industry.

You’re Back on the Historic Preservation Commission. How Long Have You Served? Share Some Highlights!

I have been serving as a Commissioner for the City of West Hollywood on the Historic Preservation Committee since 2013. My service on the commission was paused in 2021 but resumed in 2022 and continues to the present time. It has been an incredible journey working to preserve and protect the city’s historical landmarks and cultural heritage. One of the highlights of my service was successfully advocating for the restoration of a significant historical building that now stands as a symbol of our city’s rich past.

Do You Feel Like West Hollywood is Changing? You Live in Los Angeles, Correct?

Yes, West Hollywood is constantly evolving and embracing change. Being part of a dynamic city like Los Angeles, it’s inevitable that new developments and trends shape the area’s landscape. I do currently reside in Los Angeles, and I’m privileged to witness and be a part of this transformation.

Tell Me About Your Acting Background.

Before transitioning into real estate, I had an extensive acting career in Television and Film and Stage. I had the opportunity to play numerous roles in various TV shows and movies, which allowed me to gain valuable experience and develop a deep passion for the entertainment industry. It was a thrilling journey that ultimately led me to explore a new path in the world of real estate.

Recently, You Received Some Awards as a Top Real Estate Agent. Tell Us About Some of Your Personal Achievements in Real Estate.

Absolutely, I’m proud of my accomplishments as a real estate agent. These achievements were made possible through my affiliation with the prestigious Aaron Kirman Group. As part of this remarkable team, I’ve been involved in numerous high-value transactions, including selling over $1.9 billion worth of properties in 2022 and handling a total of $16 billion in property sales. Working with such a talented and dedicated group has allowed me to consistently provide the utmost attention to detail, market expertise, and creativity to meet my clients’ needs. I was also part of the cast for “Listing Impossible” on CNBC which followed some of the top agents on our team as we navigated the complex landscape of luxury real estate in LA.

You’re Married, Right? Off the Market?

Yes, I am happily married. In a moment of historical significance, my husband Jason and I got married during the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2013. Our wedding was part of a very public celebration featuring Madonna, Queen Latifah, Macklemore, and Mary Lambert, broadcast to an estimated 150 million people worldwide. It was a proud moment for me, embracing my identity and heritage, as I stood out by wearing traditional Pakistani Muslim attire.

What Else Would You Like to Share With the World?

I would like the world to know that I am not only passionate about my career in real estate, but also deeply committed to preserving the rich history and culture of West Hollywood. I strive to provide the best real estate services with a personal touch, and I always advocate for “loving the place you live” to ensure my clients find their dream homes.


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