The Luxury Seller’s Checklist

With a cooling housing market, you might be on the fence about putting up your home for sale. However, now is the time to take advantage of the slow market and prep your house to be in the best condition possible. That way, when the time comes, you are more than ready to list and sell!

First things first, emotionally detach yourself from your home. If you are ready to part with it, you must be ready for someone new to come in and make it their own. Also, take a picture of each room in your house and view each picture from an objective standpoint. Figure out what is an eyesore, and what can be improved on to really wow the buyer.

Depersonalize every room. This includes removing your personal knickknacks, pictures, and anything else that makes your home personal to you.
Remove unnecessary furniture and rearrange your furniture to maximize floor space.
Reduce the amount of wall art to one or two pieces.
Convert each room back to its original purpose.
Clean everything! This includes your walls, ceilings, ceiling fans, baseboards, carpets, doors, light switch covers, windows, blinds, the fireplace, and the A/C & heater intake vents.
Repair any holes, scuffs, or damages to the walls.
Fix anything that may be broken.
Replace house fixtures as needed. This includes your carpets, light switch covers, outlet covers, light bulbs, faucets, doors, door knobs/handles, blinds, A/C & heater intake vents, and the interior/exterior paint.
Add a lamp to any dark areas to brighten up the space.
Freshen up your house and leave it smelling clean with an essential oil diffuser.

Avoid clutter and keep the furniture clear.
Use pillows and throws to make the room more inviting.
Store all toys and/or pet supplies out of sight.

Clear all items from the countertops.
Clear the refrigerator of all magnets, pictures, messages, and items.
Clean all of the appliances, including the stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher.
Replace the burner pans on the stovetop if needed.
Clear out any dishes from the sink and polish the sink to make it look new again.
Pack away any dishes, small appliances, and cooking supplies you can live without.
Clean and organize the pantry to look tidy.
Clean, and bleach, the tile grout (wall and floor) as needed.
Put away all cleaning equipment and supplies to keep out of sight.
Before each showing, empty the trash and remove any pet-related items.

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Keep dining room tables clear with the exception of a visually pleasing centerpiece.
Remove excess chairs and table leafs.
Ensure the chandelier is clear of dust and all light bulbs are working.

Invest in new and neutral bedspreads, and make the beds daily.
Clear all furniture, like the nightstands and dressers, of clutter.
Store away daily necessities in the dresser drawers or closets.
Tidy the closets to have them appear tidy.
If possible, keep the closet doors closed for showings.
Remove any children’s toys if any.
Keep the floors clear and clean the floors regularly.

Clear and clean all surfaces, including fixtures, tile grout, soap mildew, mold, and lime deposits.
Remove all unnecessary items from the showers and tubs.
Replace all caulking to appear as new.
Clean or replace shower curtains as needed.
Organize the cabinets to be tidy.
Purchase and display new towels as necessary, and fold neatly on the towel rack.
Keep the garbage cans and cleaning supplies out of sight.
Keep the toilet clean and the lids closed.
Display a bottle of hand soap or a new bar of soap for the sink.

Put all soaps and supplies in cupboards so they’re out of sight.
Keep all surfaces and the sink clean and empty.
Remove all clothes from the area.
Keep the room clear of clutter and the floors clean.
Use high-watt light bulbs to make the room appear brighter and cleaner.

Objectively look at the front of your house as this will pull in prospective buyers.
Powerwash the walls and the concrete to get rid of dirt and stains.
Wash all windows (inside and out).
Sweep all walkways, patios, driveways, and decks.
Re-stain the deck wood and fencing if needed.
Repaint the exterior of the house if needed.
Clean and repaint the front door if needed.
Arrange outdoor furniture in a warm and inviting manner.

Clear the yards of weeds.
Remove any dead plants.
Prune all bushes, shrubs, flowers, and trees so it’s healthy and contained.
Maintain a healthy lawn by mowing, edging, and applying fertilizer as needed.
Add some perennials or annuals to your yard if it will add value to your curb appeal.

Tidy up the garage.
Clean any oil spillage if possible.
Organize all storage to keep the area looking neat.
Park your vehicles in the garage to ensure prospective buyers can confirm there’s enough space.

By doing all of this, you are positioning your house in the best shape possible! This shows the prospective buyers that your house is move-in ready and is likely to lessen the time your house spends on the market.

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