What is Luxury Real Estate?

Luxury isn’t always about expense, but rather the exclusivity, rarity and intimacy of it all


Luxury is influenced by culture and utilizes outside influences through sourced materials or design.


A luxury home should be a rarity, or rather, one-in-a-million whether it’s in the design or amenities.


Luxury means status. It’s what elevates the home from the norm and it should be admired all.

What is


Luxury creates an emotional bond, meaning there should be something that connects you to a luxury home.


Luxury is quality, whether it’s the product or material itself or the experience.


Luxury delivers an intimate connection so a luxury home should be representative of you.

Luxury is unique, exclusive and grand. It can be anything from the location of the home to high-end amenities to the design of the home. It can even be what sets the home apart from others and what makes it stand out from the rest. To us, luxury real estate means going above and beyond the client’s expectations. Whatever luxury means to you, AKG is here to help you seek it.



Leader in Luxury Real Estate

Aaron Kirman and AKG have been a leader in the luxury residential real estate industry for more than 22 years. In fact, Aaron Kirman is the #1 luxury agent in L.A. and has been consistently named as one of the top agents in the world by WSJ, CNBC, LABJ and countless others.

$1.3 Billion in Total Sales Volume in 2021

When AKG was founded in 2017, one of the goals was to be a billion dollar producing team per year in California. The team surpassed that goal in 2021 and made $1.3 Billion in Total Sales Volume!

$14 Billion in Total Sales

Collectively, the AKG team has made over $14 Billion in total sales. With a team of over 150 agents, AKG works hard to surpass their client’s expectations.

Subject Matter Experts

With collectively over 150 years of experience, the agents of AKG are experts when it comes to the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Personal & Transparent

When you work with any of our AKG agents, you WILL work with them. Expect them to go to the appointments, negotiate the best deal for you, and overall represent you! Throughout the process, your agent will be in direct contact with you whether it’s through texts, e-mails, phone calls or in-person.

Network of Over 1 Million Contacts

AKG has an extensive and private rolodex of contacts within the global luxury market with partners always looking to list inventory. This is an extensive client base that includes heads of industry, celebrities, royalty, major lending institutions, and foreign investors.

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